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Vania Crystal Diamond Facial Kit 300 Gm |Improves Skin Clarity|Unisex|Diamond Like Luster to Skin|Self & Parlour Use|Fairer Complexion |For Face & Body Beauty|With Natural Ingredients| Finest Glow|

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Vania Crystal Diamond Facial Kit helps in removing dead skin cells and boosts cell regeneration. Moreover, compared to other exfoliants, diamond facials offer a longer exfoliating effect on your skin. This increases the metabolic function of your skin, thus promoting cellular regeneration.

Key Features :

  • Fairer Complexion.
  • Improves Skin Clarity.
  • Add Diamond Like Luster to Your Skin.
  • Enriched With Diamond Ash, Natural Botanical Extracts 

BATTLE EARLY SIGNS OF AGING:-Vania's Crystal Diamond Facial Kit helps you fight the early signs of aging like loosening of skin.Its active ingredients fight against these signs to make you look younger again.

DASHING GLOW:- Enriched with diamond ash,Vania's Crystal Diamond Facial Kit brings a dashing glow to your skin.

IS NATURAL & SAFE:- Vania's Facial Kits are aromatherapy based.So,you don't need to worry about your skin's health.The amalgamation of aroma oils with other organic ingredients works to brighten,lighten your skin in the most natural & organic way.

REJUVENATES THE SKIN:-The facial results in a rejuvenated & a fresh skin,opening its pores and helping the oxygen to reach the depths of the skin.

COMPLETE AROMATHERAPY FACIAL KIT FOR WOMAN : Aroma oils creates value to cosmetics products so here at Vania we add value to our products by adding Aroma oils, Honey and Organic products.


  • Important information

    A Fairer & A Shiny Skin

    Diamond ash,Natural & Botanical extracts,Aloe vera extracts,Jojoba Oil

    Written On The Box.

    Product description

    Crystal Diamond Detox Cleanser (52 Gm)
    Crystal Diamond Milk And Honey Scrub (52 Gm)
    Crystal Diamond Skin Polishing Kojic Cream (52 Gm)
    Crystal Diamond Glycolic Gel (52 Gm)
    Crystal Diamond Illumination Mask (67 Gm)
    Crystal Diamond Complexion Defence Serum (25 Gm)

    1.This Kit Is An Aromatherapy Based Product And Is Safe To Use.
    2.This Kit Can Give Atleast 10 Facials If Used Wisely According To The Instructions On The Product
    3.Steps About How To Use Are Mentioned On The Product.


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