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Vania Gold Facial kit 300 Gm & Gold Bleach Cream 250 Gm|Aroma Therapy|Natural Nourishing Ingredients|All Day Radiance|Unisex|Cooling Sensation|Self, Parlour & Professional Use|Face & Body||

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  • LUMINOUS GOLD LIKE GLOW:-Vania's Gold Facial Kit comes enriched with 24 carat gold dust which like a cherry on the cake adds a luster to the skin along with fairness.
  • REJUVENATES THE SKIN:-The facial results in a rejuvenated & a fresh skin,opening its pores and helping the oxygen to reach the depths of the skin.
  • IS NATURAL & SAFE:- Vania's Facial Kits are aromatherapy based.So,you don't need to worry about your skin's health.The amalgamation of aroma oils with other organic ingredients works to brighten,lighten your skin in the most natural way.
  • RADIANCE ALL DAY LONG:-Vania's Gold Facial Kit is very effective in holding the radiance and glow of your skin all the day long.

Gold matel is usually used as gold jewellery, but is also best known to have healing properties and can do miracles for your skin. Gold facials have become a fad today, with every parlour boasting of its wonders. We need not visit parlours for a gold facial. The gold facial helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance. The skin is able to absorb this metal easily and it is equally beneficial for both oily and dry skin. Vania gold facial kit helps in regaining skin elasticity because it is anti ageing in nature and increases skin flexibility and smoothness s. Due to presence of natural ingredients like shea butter, honey, aroma oils like rose hip, tulsi, geranium it is skin friendly in nature and gives natural glow. It revitalizes your face and instantly gives you that luminous and radiant complexion. Expect 11 facials out of this kit. Key features:, long lasting glow, anti ageing, skin lightening, skin radiance all the day along, blend of precious aroma oils, 6 in 1 facial kit, skin illumination, gold like glow, rejuvenates the skin, the amalgamation of aroma oils with other organic ingredients works to brighten, lighten your skin in the most natural way.

Vania Gold Bleach Cream

  • GO BOLD WITH GOLD :- Vania's Gold Bleach Cream Formulation will make your skin look fair.The luster of gold dust will make it look flawless & bold.
  • INSTANTLY READY FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS:- Got a special occasion and worried about about your skin fairness ?. Gold Bleach makes your skin look fair and bright and makes you ready for the occasion in no more than 30 minutes.
  • IS SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN :- Vania's Gold Bleach is enriched with Aroma oils which are safe for skin & are active in making skin look more youthful in the most natural way.
  • BLEACH WITH COOLING SENSATION:-Vania's special formulation of Bleaches gives a cooling sensation on application.
  • FOR MEN , WOMEN & GIRLS :- Suitable for all age groups above 13 years

 Vania gold bleach cream is a creative innovation in achieving skin beauty and radiance. Enriched with gold dust, it leaves a natural lustre and youthful radiance to the skin. An instant fairness enriched with aromatherapy and unlike other bleaches it gives a cooling sensation on its application. Key features and soothes the skin rich aroma oils radiance and glow skin whitening lustrous glow key ingredients aloe vera juice, geranium oil, gold dust, frankincense oil, rich aromatherapy oils, vitamin e extracts in the packaging you will get 1Vania gold bleach cream (200 gm) 2. Powder activator (50 directions for application1. If the bleach is used for body then mix cream and activator in 2: 1 ratio, if it is to be used on face then mix cream and activator in 4: 1 ratio. 2. After mixing apply a layer of the blend on the face/body uniformly and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes for optimum results. 3. Rinse off with abundant clean water. Please note that the box shown in the image is a proposed view and it may or may not be the part of the packaging you will get this product is provided by weight although container is not filled to the top. Bleach cannot filled to the top because it requires some empty space for its expansion, so don't worry if you see bleach container 60 percent filled. By weight net quantity of the bleach cream is 800 g. Fruit bleach makes your skin look fair and bright and makes you ready for the occasion in no more than 30 minutes.


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