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Vania Pearl With Silver Facial Kit 300 GM |For Women & Men|Pearly Glowing Whitening Brightening Radiance Skin|Lessen Pigmentation|Nourish & Revitalize|Fairness|Aroma Oils Blend|Self &Parlous Use|

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Vania Pearl With Silver Facial Kit comes with a unique blend of pearl extracts and silver dust specially designed to make your skin look fairer and shiny.The freshwater pearl extracts used in the product help to cure acne prone skin and also impart a natural and a youthful glow to the skin.The dust of silver is added to impart a shine to the skin to make it look more attractive and healthy.

Key Features:-

  • Removes black/white heads.
  • Pigmentation control.
  • Nourishes & revitalizes the skin.
  • Instant fairness.
  • No any Harsh Chemical Used so it is skin friendly.
  • Cool Sensation When Applied
  • Skin Brightening
  • 6 In 1 Action With The Power Of Aromatherapy.
  • Skin Lightening in an Aromatherapy Way.

Key Ingredients : Freshwater pearl extracts,Almond oil,Wheat germ Oil,Silverdust,Aroma oils

  • BEST FOR PIGMENTATION CONTROL :- By using this kit you will not only have a dazzling glow but will also have pigmentation control.
  • NO SYNTHETIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS :-Active Ingredients are the ingredients added to the product for specific functionality.Our active ingredients are strictly aromatherapy oils because we know the ill effects of synthetic chemicals on skin.
  • INSTANT FAIRNESS WITH 6 STEPS :- This 6 steps facial kit in each step will slowly treat the skin like remove dead cells remove old oil follicles,remove dark spots,freckles & make uneven skin tone even.
  • AROMATHERAPY BASED FACIAL- Enhance your beauty in a Natural Way

    • Key Ingredients :

      Freshwater pearl extracts,Almond oil,Wheat germ Oil,Silverdust,Aroma oils

      Kit Contents :

      Pearl With Silver Cleanser(52 gm)  

      Pearl With Silver Scrub(52 gm)

      Pearl With Silver Cream(52 gm)

      Pearl With Silver Gel (52 gm)

      Pearl With Silver Pack (67 gm)

      Pearl With Silver Serum (25 gm)


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