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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs



Q.How much of the wallet amount can be used in one order ?.

Ans. 25 % of the total order amount  or exactly  one fourth of the wallet amount  can be used in one order, suppose your basket amount is Rs.1000 then Rs 250 discount coupon can be generated ,if you try to generate coupon for Rs.251 then system will give you an error .After successful generation of the discount coupon system will deduct that particular discount coupon amount from your wallet balance .

Q How to generate and apply the discount coupon ?

 Ans. Path

 login to your account > my wallet >Enter amount to generate Discount Coupon from your wallet balance > Click create code > copy code ( sample code CODE357969909 ) >apply discount code at check out > Facing any issues ? Chat with customer care at  WhatsApp number 9213 438 018



Q.What is the expiry date of the wallet amount ?

Ans.There is no expiry date for the wallet amount you. can use it anytime,No time limit. 

Q What happens if I forget my account password ?

Ans. No worries , simply click forgot password  > Enter your register email id > Open mail box ( Check SPAM folder if you have not received mail) > Reset your password and login with your new password.

Q.What are official timings of  customer care ?

Ans. 11 am to 8 Pm


Q.What is Vania Cosmetics?

Ans. Vania is the registered cosmetics brand/Trade Mark of M/S Praveen Enterprises India , focusing on producing extremely High quality user-friendly products.

Q  Are Vania Products safe for Skin?

Ans. Yes off course due to presence of natural ingredients like Aroma oils,Honey,Shea Butter our products are as good as home made  Products.

Q . What Precautions do I need to take care While Using Bleach ?

Ans. Activator part should  be well  Mixed with the cream part, Activator Granules should be mixed or mashed properly other wise it  may  cause itching sensation also Patch test is recommended for all types of bleaches of Vania.

Q . What are general instructions for Using Aromatherapy based Facial Kits.

Ans. Vania uses aroma oils in their products so massage should be done with very very light hands because aroma oils contained in the product do not require high pressure massaging, Aroma oils should be penetrated with light hands

Q . What should be the ratio of Cream and  Activator while using bleach on Face  Or  Body ?.

Ans. If the bleach is used for body then mix cream & activator in 2:1 ratio,If it is to be used on face then mix cream and activator in 4:1 ratio. 2.After mixing apply a layer of the blend on the face/body uniformly and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes for optimum results. 3.Rinse off with abundant clean water.

Q . Is there any caution while using Bleach for the first time ?

Ans. Patch Test is highly recommended before the application of the bleach .

Q . What is Patch Test Procedure for Bleach ?

Ans. Patch Test Procedure : For a patch test prepare a small application as per Direction for application(mentioned above) and apply it on the elbow. If excess irritation occurs, then you are allergic to the product. Kindly do not use it

Q  Why Bleach containers are kept 60 %  filled and rest part as empty ?

Ans. Bleach Product is sold by weight although container is not filled to the top .It cannot filled to the top because it requires some empty space for its expansion,so don’t worry if you see bleach container 60 percent filled . By weight net quantity of the bleach cream is perfect.


Q  Can we use Vania Anti rashes premium Gel for face as a wet tissue paper ?

Ans. Yes off course you will be delighted.

Q.I'm having trouble paying online, what can I do?

Ans.First thing to check is your internet connection, try to get on Wifi if possible. Next thing to try is "Clear Browsing Data", you can find this in your internet browser Settings. Beyond that, please make sure you are picking the correct Payment Option. The "Credit Card" option comes first by default, so if you are using a Debit Card, make sure to tap the "Debit Card" option before entering your information.

Q.I placed an order but didn't received any confirmation email, why?

Our system is setup to give you an immediate confirmation email, but up to a 5 min delay is normal. If you still didn't receive it, then either you had entered your email incorrectly or your email account may have placed the message in your "Promotion" or "Spam" folders. Another possibility is that your email account has reached it's data storage limit, and you need to clear out some messages in order to receive any further emails.

Q.When can I expect my shipment?

We normally ship within 1-2 business days. After shipment, the average time for delivery is 2-5 business days. If you live inside of a major city, then 5-7 business days is normal. If you live up to 100 km outside of a major city, then plan for 7-9 business days.

Q. What is the Shelf life of Vania Bleaches ?

Ans. 18 Months from the date of Manufacturing.

Q.What if any of the individual product of Skin.polishing SPA Facial Kit is finished?

Ans.We have individual products of the kit available on our store as well.
Q.So why should I not buy products of Vania Skin Polishing SPA Facial kit  individually ?

Ans.Because this is a super saver pack,the combination of all the individual products will cost you more.