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Vania Elaichi Badam Goti 25 Gm| Set of 6 Pcs |For Face Fairness, Glowing Face| Spotless Skin | With Honey & Aroma Oils | Repairs Fine Lines| Mini Facial in 5 Minute| Travel Soap| Rejuvenates Dull Skin

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Rejuvenate your dull and damaged skin using this  Elaichi Badam Goti cleanser from the house of Vania. It comes with the benefits of badam and elaichi. Made using natural ingredients, this set of cleansers will provide your skin with proper nourishment and care. These foam based cleansers can be used all over the body, offering soft and smooth skin. This pack is an ideal choice for normal to dry skin.

Key Features :

INSTANT FAIRNESS GOTI SOAP : Mesmerise everyone with your beauty and fairness as you apply this Elaichi Badam Goti from Vania. It is enriched with the goodness of Elaichi Oil,Badam Oil, honey,rich Aroma Oils and Aloe Vera. Made using natural ingredients.

INSTANT FAIRNESS : Boost your complexion in an aroma therapy way

SOFT AND SILKY SKIN  : Discover your beauty with vania Elaichi Badam Goti

IS SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN & YOU CAN COMPARE IT WITH LEADING BRANDS TRIED AND TESTED FAIRNESS  GOTI : This Little 35 Gm soap will work wonder in your life. It is blended with very costly and rarest aroma oils to meet customer's Expectations.

Travel Pack : It is very handy  and compact so can be carried in a purse as well can be used while in train or bus. Now refresh and do mini facial in a just 2 minutes.

Caution: Massage it with very very light hands ( please do not rub your face). It contains precious aroma oils so they do not require very high pressure of hands

  • Repairs Dull & Damaged Skin : which is usually caused by pollution and sun rays.
  • Instant Fairness ; Aroma Oils blended in this little will impart fairness for sure in a skin friendly manner without making your skin dry.
  • Mini Facial : when ever you are in a dusty area like travelling , or hectic schedule please wash your face with
  • Anti Wrinkle : Experience immediate anti wrinkle effect
  • Age Defense : defense your age by using this little soap, This little soap will wonder you


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