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Vania Oxygen Rich Body Cream 500 Gm|Essential Aroma Oils Which Promotes the Function of New Skin Cells, Repairs Sun Damage|Skin Tightening|Youthful Skin|Rich Glow|No Pigmentation|Retains Skin Moisture

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Product Information :  Vania Oxygen rich cream gives you a smooth and pigmentation mark-free fair complexion. This Cream’s main ingredient are precious Essential aroma oils,which promotes the function of new skin cells, improves circulation and repairs sun damage. This Cream ensures you to have Skin Tightening effects, youthful skin, a rich glow, along with no pigmentation marks.

ANTI AGEING CREAM WITH SUN PROTECTION : Vania Oxygen Rich Body Cream is a Anti Ageing cream provides highly effective results , it gives protection against sunburn and prevents premature ageing, sun-induced wrinkles and fine lines. The intensively moisturizing formula supports the skin's protective barrier and helps to reduce the risk of sun allergies and helps skin to nourish.

UNISEX MASSAGE CREAM FOR FACE & BODY : Formulation of this cream is designed in such a way that it can only  be used below neck ( not for face ) for men and women of any age group. Boys and girls of 14 years and above can use this cream

RETAIN SKIN ELASTICITY AND COMPLEXION : Vania Oxygen Rich Body Cream helps you to regain skin skin elasticity and lost complexion. Due to home responsibilities today’s middle class women is not aware that her Skin is becoming dull and full of wrinkles. Just a daily massage of this cream for 10 minutes after bath will work wonder, help you to regain skin elasticity and fairer skin complexion.

IS 100 % SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN OR WE CAN SAY 100 % SKIN FRIENDLY : This cream is made up of high grade ingredients, so be sure that your skin is protected from harsh chemicals. Precious aroma oils make this cream luxurious.

SPOT LESS SKIN :- Unique Formula blended with goodness of Aroma Oils ,Honey, Herbal Extracts will make your skin spotless & actively lightens the skin tone so that you have a rich natural glow all the day long


It Can also be used while taking bath : After taking both spread this cream all over the body and let it absorb for 2 minutes, Pour warm or cold  water, dry up the skin,then see its miracles 

Results : The skin will be fully moisturized and there is no need to put any moisturizer or cream for 24 hours. Itchiness and dryness will go away forever. Retains Skin moisture, nourishes and protects skin with long lasting hydration, leaving skin soft  with Instant Glow. Best used after bathing when your skin is most receptive to hydration.


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