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Vania Skin Polishing SPA Mask 500 Gms

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  • SKIN LIGHTENING WITH COOLING SENSATION : Now join Lightening & Brightening Skin Tone With Vania Skin Polishing SPA Mask.
  • POLISHES SKIN SERVICE :Face masks treat your particular skin type or condition. If you're dry or dehydrated, this mask will polishes & hydrates your skin
  • RESTORES ELASTICITY OF SKIN : Blended with rich Aroma oils, Honey and shea butter It has ability to restore the elasticity of the skin.
  • GET READY FOR ALL PARTY IN 20 MINUTES : Now scrub your face with Vania Skin Polishing SPA Scrub and apply SPA Mask wait for 20 Min to let your face shine.
  • SKIN WHITENING : Is natural because this product is a blend of natural products like honey, shea butter and essential aroma oils

Important information

Safety Information:
Contains Honey and Aroma Oils so it may take more time to dry. Little tingling sensation is natural due to presence of Aroma Oils

Product description


Every woman dreams of having picture perfect, flawless skin and in an endeavor to turn this dream into reality.Vania Skin Polishing SPA Mask comes with essential aroma oils & rarest herb roots and is specially designed to regain elasticity of skin and impart instant glow on skin in a very natural and organic way.

Key Features :

  • Skin whitening.
  • Skin lightening.
  • Polishes skin surface.
  • Restores elasticity of the skin.
  • Rich glow. 
  • Blended With Rich Aroma Oils, Honey & Shea Butter
  • Soft & Silky Skin like baby .

Active Ingredients : Aloe vera Extracts, Watermelon Extracts, Honey, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender Oil

How to Apply  : Apply thin layer of Vania Skin Polishing Spa Mask . Let it dry off completely. Remove with moist cotton. Net weight: 500 gm

General Information : This product is sold by weight ( Net weight 500 Gm ) although container is not filled to the top. This is because it  is thick and heavy in nature &  container choosen is big 


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