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Vania Skin Polishing SPA Serum 100 Ml |For Face & Body | Unisex | For Glowing Face & Whitening|Night Serum|Dark Spots|Spotless Glow|Enriched with Vitamin C,Geranium,Jajoba,Kesarl,Patouchli,Rosehip oil

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Vania Skin Polishing SPA Serum ( FOR NORMAL TO DRY SKIN ONLY -  NOT FOR OILY SKIN ) is researched with special formula which nourishes as well as repairs skin, it imparts wonderful long lasting glow on your skin and removes dryness. it contains essential aroma oils to treat your skin in a aromatherapy way.

Experience the magic of one drop of vania skin polishing spa serum: One drop of serum is enough for full face moisturization and polishing for both hands leaving non greasy impact on is a challange. 

Key Features :

  • One drop Challenge for full face moisturization.
  • Nourishes & Repairs the Skin.
  • Removes Dryness and can be used in a Facial Procedures.
  • Blend Of Aroma Oils to treat your skin in an Aroma Therapy Way.
  • Skin Polisher
  • Anti Aging with Rich Skin Glow
  • Is safe for skin (no harsh chemicals used)
  • Spotless & Flawless Skin.
  • Reduces Dark Spots, lightens Pigmentation and Acne marks.
  • Restores Elasticity of skin while Repairing Fine Lines.
  • No Aritificial Fragrance ( Fragrance of Aroma Flowers Only)
  • Non Greasy.
  • Can be used a Night Serum.
  • Skin Friendly With No side Effects.

How to Use : while going to bed , wash your face and Take two to three drops of this serum on  palm and apply it uniformly all over the face , Let it be there overnight. While at day time it can be used as a moisturizer, one drop is enough for full face moisturization. 


Features & details

  • SKIN POLISHER~ FACE LIFT : Experience Glittering skin along with moisturization and can be used as a final step of facial.
  • ANTI AGEING ~NO ADDED PERFUME: Restores elasticity of skin while repairing fine lines with soothing real aroma oils essence.
  • EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF ONE DROP OF TRANSPARENT VANIA SKIN POLISHING SPA SERUM : One drop of serum is enough for full face moisturization and polishing for both hands leaving non greesy impact on skin.It is a CHALLANGE..
  • VERY ECONOMICAL : Per usage cost at face is 5 paise and at full body Rs.15 due to its magical concentration properties.
  • IS SAFE FOR SKIN (NO HARSH CHEMICALS USED) :It is a Blend of Essential Aroma Oils and high quality raw material so can be defined as simply organic.
  • Vania serum is cheap and best





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